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Simply Dental now offers Botox Treatment

Did you know that dentists give more injections than almost any medical professional? Dentists are trained to give “painless” injections and this is no different for Botox.

Botox treatment is a new direction in dentistry, aiming to help you maintain the overall beauty of your smile over time.

Do you have clenching or grinding habits? Botox is a great way to alleviate these habits without the use of a dental mouthguard. Patients can experience fewer headaches and other dental issues that come from habitual grinding teeth, with results lasting up to four months after the initial session.

Dr. Andrew Young and Simply Dental take a full facial esthetics approach to dentistry, not just “fixing teeth.” We evaluate the total you for any improvements that can be made to enhance the dental restorations of the mouth.

Botox Treatment at Simply Dental is a very easy procedure and can fit into your regular dental routine. Dr. Young will evaluate you to see if you are a candidate for botox for therapeutic reasons or to enhance your dental restorations. The total treatment time is only minutes!

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Botox Dentist Seattle Belltown
Dr. Andrew Young - Botox Dentist Seattle Belltown

Simply Dental offers Botox Treatments by Dr. Andrew Young

Relieves TMJ Pain

While it provides aesthetic benefits, Botox is FDA approved to help those who have chronic TMJ and facial pain. You’ll look amazing and be free from pain — a win-win for you.

Feel Your Best

Botox will smooth out wrinkles and restore facial volume. You’ll look more youthful and well-rested. BOTOX treatments from Omni Dental will work wonders for your confidence.

Quick Results

Botox is nonsurgical. Injections take less than 30 minutes, so you can get right back to enjoying your day. Plus, the results are immediate — with little to no recovery time, a confidence boost is just a short office visit away.

Gummy Smile

Two or more units of Botox are injected in the area between the nose and upper lip to reduce the appearance of any “gummy” smile, creating a more appealing and natural smile. Again, treating a gummy smile with Botox is a minimally invasive procedure

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